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Give Back Program

Welcome to America wants to support YOUR favorite cause in your community! Simply spread the word about the Give Back Program to all your supporters, and when they sign up for service, Welcome to America will contribute 25% back to YOUR cause! Its super easy, and a WIN across the board!

Schools, PTO Groups, Charities, Sports Leagues/Clubs, Foundations, Hospitals, Churches, Animal Shelters, and more!

Once you sign up for the program, a few things will happen:

  1. We will supply a special GIVE BACK CODE to make sure that 25% is given back to your cause!

  2. Together, we will spread the word to supporters, friends and family that want to support the cause. Use the power of Social Media to help gain momentum for your cause and fundraising efforts!  

  3. Your supporters, friends and family sign up for a great service that Immigrants, Lawful Permanent Residents and US Citizens need.

  4. Welcome to America GIVES BACK!  Our give back program will contribute 25% of the sales back to your favorite cause!


Randolph Cantu

Business Development Specialist


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